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Our Store

LIDA is a small family-owned clothing and apparel lifestyle boutique devoted to providing a curated modern selection of new and pre-loved shoes, clothing, and accessories. 

Our store is a safe-space and family-friendly (a small kids’ play area outside the change room).


Every body is welcome.

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Our Story

“LIDA was my great grandma’s name, it represents family, love and loyalty”

As soon as we moved to Perth, I knew I wanted to open a little shop.  With the encouraging words of my wonderful husband, the love and creativity of my beautiful daughters, and constant support of my magnificent mom, my dream finally came true.  I opened LIDA!

For me, LIDA represents family, love, and loyalty…for you, I hope it represents a shop that is accepting of all bodies and genders – a shop where you feel welcomed and accepted. 

I believe feeling good in what you wear can change the way you feel - it’s a way to project an image without uttering a single word. I want people to love what they wear, to feel good in their clothes and most importantly, to take risks and walk with confidence. LIDA is about that, about owning who you are.

Let’s embrace that fashion is a form of expression – wear what you want!



Don't be a stranger.

Have questions about our store or about the consignment process? Get in touch.

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