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Feeling good in what you wear can change the way you feel - it’s a way to project an image without uttering a single word. Shopping secondhand opens those possibilities - you’re not limited to social gender norms, to what’s in season or trending at the moment, which means you can take risks, build a unique, timeless wardrobe that truly reflects who you are.

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  • I don’t understand, how does consignment work?
    I love this question, I’m glad you asked. In a nutshell - consignment is an agreement between you, the consignor and I, the owner. You allow me to sell your items in my store, in return we share the profit - it’s a 50% / 50% split. *Exceptions for “luxury” items - consignment rates can be negotiated.
  • Why would I consign and not just try to sell it myself?
    Legit questions. I, personally, never enjoyed spending hours answering Facebook inquires , scheduling picks up, dealing with no shows…so the benefit of consignment is that you earn money by doing very little work (easy money honey).
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Nope - no appointment needed, just swing by any time during the week. If I’m busy, I may ask that you leave your items, otherwise I’ll try to go through your pile on the spot. You can always call before hand (613-323-1003)
  • How long do you keep my items for?
    The consignment period is for 3 months. It’ll be up to you to remember to come back for your stuff.
  • What brand do you accept /not accept?
    That’s a hard one cause, to be honest, labels don’t really matter, right? But for real, here are a few brands I tend to like: Artitzia, Athropoligie, Free People, Club Monaco, Frank and Oak, Lululemon, anything linen (I’m a sucker for linen), Stüssy, Vans, Nike, Levi’s.
  • I’m sold, what do I need to know before I head over to your shop?
    Cool, so stoked to be doing business with you - here’s what you need to consider before heading over: 1. Is your stuff in season? Remember, I’m always looking ahead? July 1 – Nov: Fall & Winter clothing. (sweaters, hoodies, long sleeves, jeans, joggers, fall jackets, holiday theme) September: Winter Outerwear, Accessories & Snow Boots February – June: Spring & Summer clothing. shorts, tanks, skirts, shorts, lightweight pants, sundresses, swimsuits, Swimsuit (liner & tags must be attached) 2. Amount: 30 items of less - folded or laid flat. Please don’t bring your stuff in a suitcase or in garbage bags - not the look I’m going for. 3. Condition: clean, excellent used condition, smoke-free, no smells. I won’t accept dirty, stained or damaged items (let’s not waste our time, I don’t want to go through your dirty laundry). 4. Inclusive Sizes: we take XXs to XXL if you don’t see your size – consign with me.
  • What happens once you've sold my item(s)?
    If your items sell, you’ll get a store credit. Sadly, there will be no payout options.
Image by Joel Muniz

Have Questions?

Free free to reach out if you have questions about consignment, or anything else for that matter.

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